Aluminum Prints

Aluminum float-mounted prints, my newest design offering!"The Strike!" 20x30; glossy surface and "Twilight Reflections" 30x20 (matte): Two of my newest prints on aluminum!
Shimmering with light and exceptional detail, our Metal Prints create an exciting contemporary look in your home!  Colorfast dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.  Because the image is infused into the surface, rather than on it, each image takes on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof, weatherproof, and can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth (and if necessary, you can use water or a non-ammonia-based cleaner. Windex is NOT recommended.)

Surfaces:  Choose either Matte (virtually glare-free!) or Glossy (brilliant).  
Sizes: From 11x17 up to 40x60. Custom sizes (for really skinny prints, or square ones, for example) are also available!
Prices:  As little as $95.  Every print comes ready to hang! 

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING via UPS.  (FedEx Ground is available for a nominal additional cost.)

Have questions? Give me a call at 239-209-1209 or email me.


  1. Visit my Galleries and write down the print number (or title) of each image you want.
  2. Navigate back here. Then, for EACH print, choose your size from the drop-down menu.  Then enter its number or title.
  3. Click BUY NOW. You'll be taken to PayPal to complete your order.  You can use a credit card, or you can pay securely through PayPal.

    For the time being, you'll need to repeat this process for each print you wish to order. Or just call me, and I'll take care of your purchase by phone.
Metal Print Sizes & Prices
Choose Your Surface
Number (or title)

Sizes & Prices

(can be horizontal or vertical) 
11x17  195.00
16x20 295.00
16x24 350.00
20x24 425.00
18x30 525.00
20x30 550.00
24x30 650.00
20x36 650.00
24x36 775.00
27x40 1050.00
30x40 1095.00
40x60 2350.00

Float Mount 
Instead of a frame, a "float mount" on the back side suspends your print a half-inch above the wall.

Print corners are rounded slightly to eliminate sharp edges, making them safe to hang above couches or narrow hallways. ("Thinking of the Sea," shown at right, uses this mount type. See below for a photo of the float mount.) 

NO hanging apparatus is required--all you need is a hammer, a nail, and a wall! 


Metal Print with Float MountMetal Print with Float Mount