Welcome to my Newest Work gallery! This Gallery is constantly updated with my latest images--shots that, in some cases, have never been displayed at art shows. If you have seen or purchased my work before, this Gallery is a great place to see what I've been up to!

If you need a size not listed on the Price List for the image you're interested in, just give me a call at 239-209-1209 anytime between 9-5 (Monday through Saturday) and I'll be happy to help!
1701-Face Plant1715-Skimmery Morning1716-Great Egret and Reflections1717-Great Egret Mating Display1718-Wood Stork Landing1719-Wood Stork in Flight1720-Twilight Reflections1721-Snakebird Snack1722-Black-crowned Night Heron1723-The Park Bench1724-Ripples1725-Come and Get It1726-Fluffsters1727-Air-dried Anhinga1728-The Branch Walker1729-Egret Nest-building1730-Take a Bow1731-Northward Bound1732-Kite to the Light1733-Sunset Sail