My Newest Work gallery is constantly updated with my latest images--shots that, in some cases, have never been displayed at art shows. If you have seen or purchased my work before, this Gallery is a great place to see what I've been up to!

MAY MADNESS 25% SALE PRICES apply to this gallery.

If you need an item not listed on the Price List for the image you're interested in (such as a Gallery Wrap or Aluminum Print), just give me a call at 239-209-1209 anytime between 9-5 and I'll be happy to help.
1950-Osprey Elegance1949-It's DAD with FISH!1947-Family Portrait1945-Snagged!1944-Spoonbill Ripples1943-Pretty in Pink1942-Fish on the Fly1941-The Approach1938-Tricolored Heron in Spatterdock1936-Point Blank Pink1935-Ibis Elegance1933-Two Does1932-Fandango!1931-Young Anhinga1930-Family Feast1929-Heron Landing1928-The Food Line1927-Great Egret Display1926-Ibis Gathering1925-Ibis Sunset