Gallery Wraps & Prints

 Once you've found the perfect image for your home, you'll need to choose the best way to present it.  I offer several different presentation styles:

These three Gallery Wraps, sized 36x24, are on display in my own living room.
Shown: "Great Egret Display," 24x36; "Tern Takeoff," 24x36; "Great Blue Heron Nesting Pair," 24x32. 

Beautiful museum quality Gallery Wraps, in sizes from 16x20 to 60x40. (These are the images I display on the walls of my art show booth.) Printed using the finest canvas available and archival, colorfast inks,  Gallery Wraps provide stunning visual impact, free from reflections caused by room or exterior lighting.  You can enjoy your Gallery Wrap from anywhere in the room, at any viewing angle.  Lightweight, archival, and easy to hang, they're the perfect choice for homes with large ceilings, bay windows, and wide spaces (such as over a king bed or living room sofa). 

Each Gallery Wrap is treated to resist UV light and high humidity and is rated to last 100 years in normal room conditions. (You can hang Gallery Wraps in enclosed outdoor spaces, but we cannot guarantee 100-year longevity. )

We can custom-size them to perfectly match your space and décor. Just call me directly at 239-209-1209 to discuss your particular situation, or click the Design Your Walls link above to learn how I can provide a virtual preview of a how your favorite image will look in your home!

You now can order and pay online. Once you place your order, your wrap will be delivered within three weeks, digitally signed and ready to hang!

All prices include FREE Shipping to addresses in the continental US.

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Metal Prints

NEW! I'm introducing Metal Prints--vibrant, durable photographs printed on aluminum--beginning with the Fall 2016 show season. These will be available ONLY AT SHOWS until January 2017.  

For details on sizes, prices, and presentation options, see my Blog page.


"Story of the Shot": Of course, all purchases include my popular "Story of the Shot": a background narrative on how I made each image and an interesting, easy-to-read description of the bird(s) and habitat shown in the photograph.


Unmatted, signed prints
("Signature Series") 

I now offer UNMATTED PRINTS on the website only (not at shows) Each print is digitally signed, rolled, and shipped to you in a mailing tube. You can order and pay online.

When your unmatted, digitally signed print arrives, you'll have two options:

  • Just skip the mat, and buy a frame to match the print size.  (Tip: Some images may require a different aspect ratio (that is, they may be really wide and not very high, or vice versa.  I'm happy to work with you to get the exact size you need.)
  • Mat the print yourself at a specialty retail frame shop. In that case, you'll generally add 6 to 8 inches to the print size to get the frame size you need. (The mat size, not the photo size, will determine your frame size. )


Signed, Limited Edition Matted Prints

Matted Prints are available in your choice of 3 standard frame/mat sizes: 11x14, 16x20, or 18x24.  These are the prints, matted in archival quality white matboard, that you see in the browse bins at my shows.  I personally sign and number each piece, then ship to you via US Postal Service.  

Shipping is $10 for an 11x14 mat; $15 for a 16x20 mat, and $20 for an 18x24 mat.  (Orders with multiple prints are combined when possible for savings on shipping.)  

All mats are standard sizes to make it easy for you to find a frame.  If you would rather choose your own mat size and color, we recommend ordering a Signature Series print (above).