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1739-Tidal Dancer1739-Tidal Dancer
TODAY'S SALE ITEM: "1739: Tidal Dancer"

30% OFF on SELECT Aluminum Prints and Gallery Wraps!

My Florida show season kicks off on Oct. 28, and preparations-- lots of new sky and cloud images, abstract wave images, and of course, the bird work I'm best known for-- are well underway. But in the meantime, gotta keep the cash register ringing, so here's a pre-season warmup!

Between now and Oct. 27, I'm going to post a different image each day (at 9 AM ET, give or take a cup of coffee) from my fall booth display.

See the PayPal link below to place your order and get these special prices on the sizes listed below! Everything is digitally signed, ready to hang and lands on your doorstep in 2 weeks or less.

EACH ITEM IS 30% OFF FOR 24 HOURS ONLY. After that, we're posting a new one!

Miss the deadline?  Previously-displayed items are still listed below at 15% OFF. 

Aluminum Prints (semi-glossy surface; virtually glare-free): 
11x17   $149
16x24   $219
20x30   $379

Canvas Gallery Wraps
12x18   $129
16x24   $199
20X30   $299


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1739 "Tidal Dancer" 1739-Tidal Dancer1739-Tidal Dancer
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"Fire in the Sky, Sanibel" 1828B-Sanibel Skies1828B-Sanibel Skies
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(NOW 15% OFF)
"Summer Sky Over  Mangroves"
1826-Summer Sky1826-Summer Sky (Over the Mangroves)
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(NOW 15% OFF)
"Face Plant"
1701-Face Plant1701-Face Plant
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1838 (NOW 15% OFF) "Harvest Moon" 1838-Harvest Moon1838-Harvest MoonA full moon rises over a salt marsh just after sunset, October 2017
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