Workshops & Classes

Geoff offers a variety of workshops for small groups and individuals.  We work primarily at Bunche Beach in S. Fort Myers, but also may visit Little Estero Lagoon (Fort Myers Beach) or Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island.  Topics include: 

  • Secrets of Shorebird Photography
    Learn how to capture Florida's beach-dwelling birds.  You'll learn how to approach shorebirds, get at the proper angle for intimate portraits, evaluate light quality, find the most pleasing background,  and how to evaluate light, wind, and tides to put yourself in the best possible position. . 
  • Photographing Birds in Flight
    Learn techniques for photographing birds and flocks taking off, flying, and landing. We'll cover lenses, getting proper exposure regardless of sky conditions, panning the camera to emphasize motion and create impressionistic, eye-catching images; anticipating motion and behavior, and much more. 
  • Thinking Like a Pro: Strategies for Success
    You'll learn how to gauge tides, wind, and light; anticipate bird behaviors; get a spot-on exposure in varying light conditions; how to read and evaluate your histogram and other back-of-the-camera settings. 

Bring a friend (or friends!) and benefit from group pricing. So that I can give individual attention to each participant, we accept a maximum of six photographers per class. To schedule your workshop, email Geoff or call 239-209-1209.

Photoshop and Digital Workflow instruction

By popular demand, I'm creating a tutorial / small-group program designed to help you get the most out of your digital images.  We'll cover the importance of proper in-camera exposure, and then create an effective workflow for your camera and editing software.  Details soon!