Wild Images Florida | Art Show Favorites

My Art Show Favorites Gallery contains nearly all of the images I've ever exhibited at an outdoor art show. (For my most recent images, be sure to visit the Newest Work gallery.)

10TH ANNIVERSARY SALE PRICES apply to this gallery.

If you need a size not listed on the Price List for the image you're interested in , just give me a call at 239-209-1209 anytime between 9-5 and I'll be happy to help.
1930-Family Feast1929-Heron Landing1928-The Food Line1926-Ibis Gathering1927-Great Egret Display1925-Ibis Sunset1924-Eyes on the Prize1923-Fire on the Beach1922-Little Blue1921-Matanzas Pass Sunset1920-Wave Tracks1919-Great Blue Heron1918-Solitude1917-Otters at Play1915-High Rise Lake View1914-River Otter1913-Ahhhh!1910-Rookery Bound1909-Evening Roost1908-Pelican Runway