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My Art Show Favorites Gallery contains nearly all of the images I've ever exhibited at an outdoor art show. (For my most recent images, be sure to visit the Newest Work gallery.)

If you need a size not listed on the Price List for the image you're interested in , contact me.
2530-Bald Eagle Flyover2529-Pelican in Mangroves (PANO print)2528-Wings Up! (Osprey)2527-Pelican Races (PANO print)2526-Peliican Profile2525-After the Plunge2524-Masters of the Mangroves (II)2523-High Key Anhinga2522-Cormorant Landing2521-Tall Drink of Water2520-GBH in Breeding Plumage2519-Tandem Flight (Ibis)2518-Ibis Landing2514-Great Egret Glide2512-Gator Wood Duck Pond2511-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker2509-Stick the Landing2508-Coming In Hot2507-Winter Waters2506-Ibis Eyes