"Virtual Design" 

1. BeforeRoom with 8.5x11 paper lightly taped to wall. 2. Smaller size option for "The Squadron"This was a great option for this space, but there's room to go even larger in this case. 3. "The Squadron," 60x30I am happy to create two different sizes so you can choose the one that is just right (or even substitute another one of my works). This was a 60x30, which the client liked best.

"I'm not sure this size is right. Can you make it larger? Or smaller?"

"I wonder how this will look with my wall color?"

"I'm just not comfortable going to art festivals this year. How can I see how your work will look in my home?"

If you've ever had one of these common questions, help is as close as your smart phone. 

 I can help you to see how your favorite images will look on your wall...without the measuring and guesswork...or even without visiting a show! Send me a room photo (like the one shown above, at left), and I'll show you exactly how my work will display! 




How It Works

1. Use your smart phone to take a photograph of each wall in your home where you are considering hanging one of my works. (You don't even need to take existing artwork off the wall.) Before you shoot, tape a white 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper to the wall. This gives me a "known size" to use as a reference so that I can scale my work just right.


  • If possible, do this in the daytime when the wall is evenly lit.
  • Turn off your flash.
  • Stand so that you are directly facing the wall if possible. (If you can't do that, I'll be able to make an adjustment, but the size calculation may not be QUITE as precise.) 

2. Then, email the picture to me ([email protected]).  Once I receive your wall photo,  I'll digitally place your favorite piece on the wall, create two different size options if needed,  and email the "virtual designs"  back to you for review. We can tweak sizes or even swap out one picture for another until you have the perfect room design!

3. Then we'll place your order. It will be ready in about two weeks.  I can ship directly to you, or we can arrange a convenient pickup or delivery.  If you are a Florida snowbird who won't be in town for awhile, no worries! We can arrange delayed delivery for the time when you are! 


To get started, Credit cards accepted: Visa, MC, Disc, AmexWe accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as cash and checks. browse my web galleries and find your favorites. Then send me an email and attach your wall photo. Include any questions you have, and please include your phone number so I can call or text you back.