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Design Your Walls


"Should I purchase a canvas or a framed print?"

"Can you make this larger? Or smaller?"

"I wonder how this will look with my wall color?"

"One big piece over the sofa? Or would two or three smaller ones be better?"

These are questions I hear a dozen times a day from customers at my outdoor art festivals.  It can be challenging to view an image in an art show booth and visualize how it will look on your wall at home.  

Now, there's a better solution: ground-breaking design software that enables you to see how your favorite images will look on your wall...without the measuring and guesswork.  We can work together online, on the phone, or in your home to come up with a selection you'll love! 

How It Works

Use your smart phone to take a photograph of each wall in your home where you are considering hanging one of my works. You don't even need to take existing artwork off the wall.

Before you shoot, tape a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper to the wall, oriented so that it's wider than it is high (see the photo below).  Or, if you know the size of any item that's on, or just in front of, the wall (such as a chair, table, or picture),  I can work with that. The software uses this as a reference so it can display artwork sizes accurately.


  • Do this in the daytime when the wall is evenly lit (to avoid rays of sunlight hitting the wall).
  • Turn off your flash.
  • Stand so that you are directly facing the wall if possible.
  • Take the picture.  
  • Return the image(s) to me by email, not text message. (Reason: Images sent by text message are vastly reduced in size and quality in order to send them faster. Sometimes that results in images that are too fuzzy for me to work with.) 

Once I receive the list of images and your wall photo,  I'll use the software to digitally place them on your wall and email the proposed design(s) back to you for review. 

We can tweak sizes, rearrange them, or even swap out one picture for another, until you have the perfect room design! Then, we'll place your order.  If I have the sizes you want on hand, of course, we can arrange for pickup or delivery.  Otherwise, they'll be ready in two to three weeks.


Are you ready to rock?  To get started, Credit cards accepted: Visa, MC, Disc, AmexWe accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as cash and checks. browse my web galleries and find your favorites. Then send me an email and attach your wall photo. Include any questions you have, and your phone number so I can call or text you back.