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Framed works and Gallery Wraps being shown at Fort Myers Beach Library, 3rd Floor, through May 31.

Per Library policy, no works are available for purchase at the show, only my business card. Please take one, and then email or call for special show pricing and delivery details! Works are available as matted prints (11x14, 16x20, and 18x24 mat sizes), as Signature Series unmatted prints, and as Gallery Wraps.
162-Red Shouldered Hawk312-Stilts at Sunrise405-Egret Lake724-Least Tern Courtship725-Master of the Mangroves815-Tern Takeoff936-Pelicans Preening945-Wood Storks a-Waitin1026-The Perfect Stick1117-Wet and Wild1128-Osprey Overlook1143-Least Tern Takeoff1261-Marker 471401-Cirrus Sunset1404-Watercolors1414-Drowsy Dowitchers1438-After the Storm1445-Like a Swan1449-Parent and Child1465-Skimmers Grace