Wild Images Florida | Newest Work

My Newest Work gallery is constantly updated with my latest images--shots that, in some cases, have never been displayed at art shows. If you have seen or purchased my work before, this Gallery is a great place to see what I've been up to!

10TH ANNIVERSARY SALE PRICES apply to this gallery.

If you need an item not listed on the Price List for the image you're interested in (such as a Gallery Wrap or Aluminum Print), just give me a call at 239-209-1209 anytime between 9-5 and I'll be happy to help.
1950-Osprey Elegance1949-It's DAD with FISH!1947-Family Portrait1945-Snagged!1944-Spoonbill Ripples1943-Pretty in Pink1942-Fish on the Fly1941-The Approach1938-Tricolored Heron in Spatterdock1936-Point Blank Pink1935-Ibis Elegance1933-Two Does1932-Fandango!1931-Young Anhinga1930-Family Feast1929-Heron Landing1928-The Food Line1927-Great Egret Display1926-Ibis Gathering1925-Ibis Sunset